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Last two Days

travelling with car to Istra (Rijeka) and with train back to maribor

sunny 30 °C


We decided to move to Rijeka in Croatian Istra which is only 250km away from my home town. Because Marko insisted to take old "magistrala" road we spent almost whole day for travelling (465 km). When we arrived we found a cheap but nice hotel and eat dinner there. we were so tired from all car driving that we sleept like babies.


Bought a one way ticket to Maribor in the morning. Still had some time so we went to drink a coffe in swimming center. after that Marko drove me to train station where we say goodbay. I prepared my bike for transport and waited for train which brought me back home.


For sure the best holiday ever. Maybe I was overdoing it on very first trip of this kind, because I saw that it is not so simple to travel with fully loaded bike, althou I was well prepared. In the end I had 7 herpeses on my mouth which is total record. My knees got better after one week of resting. After that I was on bicycle again preparing for next tour to Slovakian Tatra mountains.

Next blog Cycling trvell in Tatra mountains Slovakia August 2009 - soon.


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11th day

cycling to Vela Luka (lst cycling day)

sunny 30 °C

11th day 20.7.2009

My knees didnt get better so I decided to slovely stop cycling.I was maybe able to cycle few more days but in this case I would probably be risking serious injuries and that is why I set last goal. The goal was ferry port Vela Luka 45 km away on other sie of the island Korčula. I got an advice previous night from local guy, to choose secondary road at crosspoint 10 km outside town. Because I have listen to him, I have saved a lot of uphills which were killing my knees so badly. Korčula is beautyfull island and I firgott abozut time. Camed to goal in about 3 hours and cycled 45 km.
In Vela Luka there was ferry already waiting for me. Last destination was Split where I was meeting good friend Marko from Slovenia. Because I arrrived earlier than him I went for some time to beautyfull park Marjan which is located on west side of the town. I always visit this park when I am in split and I also recomend to everyone. It is possible to only walk, but there is also botanical garden, ZOO park and many more.
After park I have meet with marko and we went with his car outside of town again in direction south from where I just camed. We moved to 60 km southern to town Makraska where we overnighted in camp.


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10th day

resting in Korčula town

sunny 30 °C

10th Day 19.7.2009:

I had marvellous place in autocamp so I decided to stay for 1 day and rest some more. Was in the end with my powers and my knees hurt even more. I spend day with visiting old town again and later for swimming and relaxing on the beach.


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9th Day

Cycling from Praprotno to Orebič

sunny 31 °C

9th day 18.7.2009

I waked up really early which was good for me, because I didnt have to cycle all the time on strongets sun. I wanted to cycle over to other end of the island to orebič and from there with ferry to Island Korčula. It was clear sunny and hot day again. I started in uphill again and made maybe 15 km. After buying sendwich in shop near the road I continued in direction Orebič. road becamed straight and stayed like this some time. It was extremly hot so I had to rest for half an hour in village called Dubrova which is somewhere on the half way. After this village road was climbing again. when i reached the top there was nice downhill and I saw an port at the bottom. was really glad, because I thought that this is for this day but I was wrong. when I reached the bottom I realized, that huge at least 10 km long hill is infront of me (I think that it was 9%). Although i had now also problems with left knee, i had to force myself and croos this hill somehow. After 1 hour I was on the top. It was great relif. I was sure, that this were last hills, but later there were some more. Anyway it wasnt so hard compared to previous so I handle it somehow. For reward I got long downhill to port Orebič. I had luck again because ferry was there as it would be only waiting for last customer - me. I buiyed ticket to Korčula which is only 30 minutes away. i had time to dring 1 small beer and we were there. got an info from employee on the boat, that there is 2 km ahead a nice camp. I followed his instructions and found camp very soon. Prepared my tent and went for dinner to old town Korčula which is only 3 km away. Stayed there few hours and explored. Than I got tired and went tback to camp to get some sleep.
I made more than 60 km and was on bike arround 4 hours.




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8th Day

Cycling on Mljet

sunny 31 °C

8th Day 17.7.2009

I woke up at 7:00. I was in real hurry, because i knew that my katamaran transfer is leaving at 8:15. I camed just on time. I explained to the capitan, that I am travelling with bike and asked him to let me carrie it with me on the boat. after this he demand 30 KUN which he putted in his pocket. I was allowed to buy ticket for adult person (22,00 kn). My plan was to cycle from Sobra to Goveđari where national park is based. From there I wanted to come with boat to Vis.
I cycled maybe 20 kilometers and almost reached national park. Young couple from CZ which was hitchiking near the road explained to me, that it is not possible to ceme from Goveđari to Vis on boat. they also told me, that I have to pay big entrance fee and that camop is not operating no mor. there is only 2 hotels with huge prices. After this I decided to double check the informations and drive down to avtocamp. I meet some slovenian people on holiday. they told me, that my card is laying and confirmed young couple story. I was a little mad but good news was, that I have a ferry boat in 3 hours to island Pelješac. After I dranekd one beer with Slovenians they offered me transport in the car back to port. I refused the offer and they thought that I am really mad. They couldnt understand how can some person cycle in such hot sunny weather.
I cycled back to port. Stop in local restaurant for Čevapčiči. I had some more time to spent, so i stopped in another bar for coffe. My luck was that I talked to waiter and he told me, that ferry port is 4 kilometers away. I drowe like mad man and was probably last person who entered ferry. We shipped away emediately. Once again I had luck because it was last ferry for this day and I didnt want to stay on this island.
On Pelješac, there is avtocamp Prapratno near the port. I was already tired, so this was place where I assembled my tent, had dinner and good night sleep. I made 40 kilometers and was on bicycle arround 4 hours.


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