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7th Day

resting in Dubrovnik

sunny 31 °C

7th Day 16.7.2009

My leg was getting worst each day. Also on my lips it started to grow second herpes. This must be from physical effort since I ussually get herpes mostly once per year, but now I got already 2 in last 2 days of cycling. Anyway I still didnt plan to give up althou it was easier for me to pedal than walk. This day I decide to go in old town. I was here before so it was nothing new to me, but i had to kill time somehow. I am really active guy, who can not lie whole day long doing nothing...I thought, that it is near camp so I walked. Later I found out that I walked at least 3 miles till I reched the fortless (1 hour). I could barely walk when I camed to an old town. Made few round trough old town and dranked most expencive beer in whole journey (5 eur). After relaxing in nice restaurant in marina I went back to camp with bus. It was again sunny and extreme hot day (31 degrees) so I spent rest of the day swimming and resting on the Copa Cabana beach. In the evening i went early to bed, because I wanted to cycle over island Pelješac next day.

This day I decide to go in old town. I was here before so it was niothing new to me, but i had to kill time somehow. I am really active guy, who can not lie whole day long...I thought, that it is near camp si i walked. Later I found out that I walked at least 3 miles till I reched the fortless. I could barely walk. Made few round trough old town and dranked most expencive beer in whole journey (5 eur). After relaksing in nice restaurant in old town I went back to camp with bus. It was again sunny and extreme hot day (31 degrees) and I spent rest of the day swimming and resting on the Copa Cabana beach. In the evening i went early to bed, because I wanted to cycle over island Pelješac next day.

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6th DAY

Cycling from Nikšič to Dubrovnik

sunny 32 °C

6th Day :15.7.2009

I asked last night the local cyclist which road to Dubrovnik he recomends and he told me, that I should go trough national park Trebinje. He also told me, that I first have to climb cca 25 km uphill but after this a big reward is waiting - more than 40 km downhill. This sounded fair enough to me so I started with cycling emediately after breakfast. It was extremly hot - arround 32 degrees. Road soon started to climb and on my left I was able to see beautyfull lake Krupac. After this hard working uphill for about 2 hours. On top I was hungry again, so I grab portion of national food called "Čevapčiči". It is similar to meet balls, but it is grilled and they eat it with special bred called "Lepinja", onion and souce called "Ajvar" (made from paprika , tomato and spices). Soon I reached the Montenegro/Bosnia border. After border I had more than 30 km downhill road. I wasnt complaining, because my knee really hurt by that time and I needed a little rest.At the bottom I noticed nice small kamp near river where I stopped for a swimm. Swimm in the river was more than refreshing. after swimming I had a chance to see how fisher man just brought back extreme big carp fish. He told me, that it weights at least 20 kg and that he caught it few kilometers up the river. After smoking a cigarette with local campers I decided to continue till coast - Dubrovnik. Road was mostly straight and didnt took me more than 2 hours till the Bosnian/Croatian border pass Ivanica near Dubrovnik. After big downhill I was sure, that I am on finish but I was wrong. I still had to climb another 4 km up on huge hill. I hardly managed to climb the hill to be able to bike downhill into the town.
First I wanted to sleep in hostel. After I have found the hostel they told me, that it is full for next few days. They also told me, that hotel rooms cost arround 100,00 eur in this area, so I decided to ask for directions to avtocamp. After whole day of cycling I rewarded my self with cold beer in first pub on the way.I still had some Croatian currency on me from my last trip to Croatia and this was exactly 20 KUN - enough for 1 beer! I had maybe 5 more kilometers to kamp which I managed without any problem. No metter, that I had new tent, I managed to assemble it after some time. After dinner I was again so tired, that I went to sleep emediately.
I was on the bike 6 hours and made 103 km. My avarage speed was 17,32 km/h.


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5 th DAY

cycling from Žabljak to Nikšič

sunny 28 °C

5th DAY 14.7.2009

Because of staying out late last night, I slept only 4 hour and was able to start cycling at 11:00. Didnt feel to good, but I knew, that I will get better after few hours sweeting on my bicycle. My goal for today was town called Nikšič in direction south. I have choosed secondary road which leads over the Durmitor mountains trough pass Sedlo (1907m). When I was driving here in 2007, road was still "macadam" made, but they have renewed it in 2008 so the road now is almost new and in really good condition.It is something hard to describe. Pure nature surrounded with beautyfull mountains.
First I had to pedal upphill 30 km to pass Sedlo on 1907 m. Sun was very strong and I forgott to put sun protector on my skin, this costs me sunburn and some pains later in the evening. I was drinking a lot of water and run out of it somewhere on half way to pass Sedlo. I had luck, because there was a nature water spring few meters ahead where I was able to refill my bottles with pure extra cold Durmitor mountain water.
When I finally reached the pass after 2,5 hours, I took a small break. Was really hungry, but I felt already as new after drinking night at Žabljak. I ordered local dish lamb soup and few slices of bread. This gaved me new energy for cycling. At this point I have noticed, that I have broken the display on my digital camera. Because I wasnt able to see what I am taking photo off, I decided reather to use my mobile phone camera from now on. That is the reason why this photos are little less quality, but I am still happy that I had at least some camera on me.
After pass Sedlo I had second downhill since begin of my journey.It was almost 10 kilometers long, but after this downhill there was 20 km uphill waiting for me. It took me another hour and the half to cross the whole mountains and ride downhill to Pivsko jezero near Bosnian border. Whole the time, the surroundings is amazing. No any traffic, I was cycling surrounded by green meadow and beautyfull mountains. Something special is also downhill ride to village called Plužine. There is a fantastic view on Pivsko jezero and at least 10 turns with tunnels till you reach the lake.
After Plužine I still had 55km infront of me. I asked few locals on the way if there are many uphills on the road from Plužine to Nikšič. All of them answered, that there is no any uphills (because they all drive only cars). I have calculated, that I need arround 2 hours for 55 km on straight terrain with my bike. Later i found out, that terain is mostly uphill and it took me 4 hours to get to Nikšič. Last half hour I had to pedal in the dark. Local cyclist that I met on the way was so kindly that he escort me to the city directly to a low price hotel. I buyed him a beer to say thanks. After beer I went to take a long awaited shower. Laer I went to a walk in town and eat some local fast food. I was totally exhausted. Was on the bike for 7:30 and made 117 kilometers (average speed 15km/h). My knee still hurts, but I am still able to pedal.


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4th DAY

resting in beautyfull Žabljak (Black Lake - Crno Jezero)

sunny 25 °C

4th Day 13.7.2009

After breakfast I left the hotel and change it for an old hotel called Planinka. It is the kind of hotel I mentioned from my first staying in Žabljak. at least 40 years old and never renewed. Had some problems at the reception, because they couldnt understand that I want to keep my bicycle inside of hotel. After few minutes of arguing with receptionist I was able to talk to the manager and solve the issue. Hotel was 8 eur more expencive (28,00 eur) than previous one, but it was a disaster compared to Enigma hotel. On balcony there was a whole which didnt bother nobody so it stays unrepaired. After settling in i took my bike and hit to village 300 meters ahead to buy some cures for my leg in local pharmacy. I got a cooling spray which helped me a lot regarding my injury. After eating hamburger and posting post cards I went to one of most beautyfull lakes I ever seen. It is called Black Lake (Crno Jezero) and it is located bellow durmitor mountains. In winter here is popular ski area and best place for skiing in deep snow!I never been here in winter, but my frindes were and they told me it is really cool. must try someday. But it is also possible to hike on Durmitor mountains for 1 days tours, so it is also atractive for hikers in warm months.
It is pure nature up here. Not crowdy and very peacful place. Mostly recomend the visit.You can get arround the lake by foot. I didnt do it this time because oI was with bike and it is impossible to get arround on bike. After 3 hours of nirvana in this beautyfull national park I became hungry and went to village to eat something. Found smallest pizzeria I ever seen and eat one pizza there. After chilling in hotel I went out to place called Čudna šuma. i think that it is only place with alternitive music for young people in Žabljak. i had luck, because this night was playing band called Rich Fish, which played surfers music. Really great party. I have got drunk with locals and stayed there till 3 in the morning when I felt in my bed and finish the night.


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3rd DAY

Cycling Kolašin to Žabljak

sunny 23 °C

3rd DAY 12.7.2009:

I was sleeping till 10 o clock. Breakfast was officially over, but I manage to get it anyway. Waiter even remembered me from 2 years ago so there was no any problem at all. Little strange, because I had to walk for breakfast to other hotel, because the one I was staying in didnt had an restaurant but only bar. After breakfast it was again no any time left, I had again big distance to travell. I had 88 kilometers infront of me till my goal village Žabljak, mostly again uphill so I didnt have time to waist. First 25 kilometers till village Mojkovac werent difficult, mostly straight terain. all the time road is running along river Tara. Somewhere on half way to Mojkovac there is national park called after mountain Biogradska Gora on which it is located. Because of no time, I didnt went up, but I strongly recomend it if you are travelling there. I visit it in 2007 and it is really beautyfull. On the top there is nice lake and cottage with restaurant. Also from this point you can go hiking in several different directions.
After Mojkovac, road starts to climb but still along Tara river. At this point canyon is starting and it gets deeper. Here you can drive in untouched nature. Little dangerous because there are several tunnels without any lights inside but I managed somehow. Road goes along river Tara till Bridge on Tara (Most na Tari). The bridge itself is really something. It is more than 300 meters higher than river. It was built in years 1938-1940.
They disapointed me at the restaurant. I was eating great grilled specialitetes here 2 years ago, but now they were serving only cakes. Hungry as wolf I survived with sendwiches I made from my backpack. Lucky that I had some food on me because I dont care it non stop with me while I am cycling. Till this point I already made 71 kilometers, but there were still 17 long kilometers infront of me, mostly uphill ofcourse. I noticed, that my right kneee started to hurt. I also noticed, that it hurts less if I switch my spd pedals out and pedal normally on other side (that is why I am using 1 side spd pedals). I manage last kilometers, but my knee didnt stoped to hurt. I choosed new hotel near the main troad called Enigma, because I had a bad experience with hotel here 2 years ago when I stayed in 30 years old never-renovate hotel fornon-resonable price. Hotel was really nice and they charged me only 20,00 eur for single room. Too bad, that they I could stay only 1 nighjt, they had reserved all rooms for the next day. Because of my problems with knee I decided to take 1 day off and rest. After splendid dinner I went again back to room chilling and later sleeping. I was on the bike 5 hours and 40 minutes and travelled distance 88,5 km.



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