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2nd DAY

Cicling from Podgorica to Kolašin

overcast 12 °C

2nd DAY 11.7.2009:

After breakfast I noticed, that my phone is switched off. I tried to switch it on and typed 3 times wrong PIN code. Because of this I had to call to my operater in slovenia. I used hotel stationary phone for most 10 minutes and I also send 1 fax. This service costs me 48,8 EUR which is real ripp off. Because I didnt want to argue, I payed the receive and prepare for the trip. Still didnt fix my handlebar problem, so first stop was bicycle shop with repair service. Had luck because it was on the way. After handlebar was fixed, I started to cycle emediately. Didnt have time to visit old town because had a long way infront of me this day. My goal for this day was village called Kolašin. It is possible to come there on new main road which goes trough a canyon of river Morača. Main road is fastes way with not much uphills, but it is very dangerous for cyclers because of constant traffic and trucks. I decided to take old road which goes trough mountains. I already draw on this road 2 years ago with car and I knew, that it is really quiet with only few cars. I also knew that it is mostly uphill and that it will take me at least 5 hours for 70 kilometers to Kolašin. It was really cold and that is why I had long sleeves softshell on me for whole day long. Road is in good condition. There is not many cars and also not many population. You can see only from time to time a small village. People are very friendly. I asked for water few times and they always gaved to me without any problem. They also invited me for a coffee, but I didnt have time to stop so I had to refuse. I was really afraid to get caught by the dark and I had to move on. Surrounding is really beautyfull and time passed by very fast. After 6 hours of pedaling I arrived in Kolašin at evening. Last 30 minutes I had to pedal in dark, but I manage it (I really dont like to travell at night, althou I have lights on my bicycle). After this I went to same hotel where I was sleeping 2 yearss ago (dont remember the name). They were fully booked, but owner had another hotel 300 meters away.Price was resonable so I decided to overnight there. After dinner I was again so tired, that I was chilling in the room and went to sleep little later.
Was really nice day for travell, maybe little to cold. Because of constant uphill my avarage speed was only 12,8 km/h. Highest spot I reached was 1450 meters. Not bad for the first day!


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1st day

Flight Ljubljana/Podgorica, cicling to the hotel!

sunny 25 °C

At age 32 I was 3rd year a leading presenter for a big CZ producer of bicycles on Slovenian market. Althou it was very well payed job, it didnt let me much spare time and it was really stressfull. Because of all stress I had to find some activity, that would give me energy I urgently needed for healty live besides my stressfull job. Because it is hard to find people for team sports, I reather prefer sports where there is no demand for multiple people involved. Since I was selling bicycles and bicycle accesories, it was cheapest way for me to start cycling. First I began to practise in winter 2008/09 on home bicycle. In spring 2009 I started to cycle a lot with mountain bike, mostly on secondary roads in nature (it is a lot of mountains near my home town). Soon I noticed, that I more like ridding trekking bike on roads. That was the reason, that I changed my bike and started using 28 inch trekking bike with suspension. After at least 2500 km I have made in Slovenia in spring, I was really in good shape and I decided to spend my holidays little different this year. I always wanted to travell, but was so busy with party and being dj that I couldnt find time for make it happend in my students years. That was the reason why I decided to go on bicycle trip.

Two years ago, I went with my girlfriend on road trip with car to ex Yugoslavia countries (Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro). I really liked Montenegro. As I remembered, country is realtively small and has beautyfull mountains and coast aswell. Because I already been there with a car, I knew, that it is really suitable for bicycle trip and that is why I decided to start there.

My idea was, to fly from Ljubljana to capitol Podgorica and start my trip there (didnt want to go on their coast, because I knew, that I will come to Croatian coast in few days and I also visit this part two years ago with a car). After this I didnt have some general plan, I only wanted to cross mountain Durmitor with bicycle and also see once again beautyfull Black Lakes (Črna Jezera) near village Žabljak on Durmitor. After this my plan was to go to Croatian coast (south Dalmacia) and cicle trough islands back in direction home (Slovenia-Maribor). I knew, that I will not be able to cycle all the way back home in 14 days, but I didnt care. I had enough money for return train ticket and with good train connections in Croatia there was nothing to be afraid of.

I prepared well for the trip and bought really good equipment that bicycle trveller urgently needs (pair of quality bags, ultra light tent and sleeping bag, armaflex, repairing tools, inner tubes, headlight etc). I knew, that this probably wont be my last bicycle travell and that is why I choosed really quality things. Anyway, had a sponsor (my ex employer), so it didnt cost me much. I also booked one way ticket from Ljubljana to Podgorica setting start of my travell on 10.7.2009.

DAY 1:
On 10.7.2009 I drowe to Ljubljana airport. My bicycle was packed in the box. Because of drinking with friends previous night, I had huge hangover. Although it was really short flight (litlle more than 1 hour-800 km), I fall a sleep and stewardess had to wake me up in Podgorica airport. After drinking one beer on airport and assembling my bicycle, I drove in direction center. It was already dark and I had some problems with my handlebar. Because of this problems, handlebar was moving which caused me to fall with fully loaded bicycle which had at least 45 kg. Didnt have time to remove shoe from spd pedal, so complete weight felt on my right leg (instep). Later I noticed, that it was my fault, because I didnt tighteen the screws in right order. Anyway, later on trip my leg was getting worst each day and after 600 km I had to stop cycling because of this injury. Also when I felt, I didnt noticed, that I have droped new tent. I wanted to pedal away, but had real luck. Few girls were playing on the street have noticed, that I have drop it. Girls stopped me and told me, that my tent is on the floor. Was really lucky, because later in Croatia I was sleeping only in camps and without tent it would be little harder.
I stopped in first hotel (Lovčen) only 8 km from airport. Hotels in Montenegro are not to expencive compared to Slovenia or Croatia, so I was sleeping all the time in hotels and guesthuses. Was able to get the single room with breakfast for 20-30 eur per night. This hotel was ok, but little higher price (40 eur). I didnt have energy to search for some cheaper hotel and that is why I decided to stay. After dinner and botle of beer I went to bed because I really needed a long sleep after hard night with almost no sleep and all the travel I have done.


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